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Tork® Universal Quality Multifold Hand Towel - White

Tork® Universal Quality Multifold Hand Towel - White

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Big D® Enzym D Digestant- Gal., Lemon

Digests organic waste and destroys odor associated with the decay of organic matter. Highly effective in eliminating the organic salts associated with urine. Composed of specially bred bacterial spores that actually attack and break down uric acid molecules, Enzym D contains a malodor counteractant that deodorizes during decomposition.


Buckeye® XL-100 Heavy-Duty Cleaner/Degreaser-Smart Sac

Tough, fast-acting cleaner. USDA Listed. Excellent on equipment and concrete surfaces. Contains patented Liquescent® Gamma.


Carlisle Flo-Pac® 21" Bowl Brush

Non-scratching bristles are not affected by standard bowl cleaners. Vinyl-coated wire to provide additional scratch protection. Orange.


Continental Splash Guard™ Combo Pack - 35 Qt., Yellow

Derma-Tek® Finish. Includes 3" non-marking grey casters and SW12, side-press wringers. Use our Color Guard™ system for your HACCP initiatives. Reduce your risk of cross contamination with this easy-to-follow process. Universal Caution Logo.

Solo® Basix® Foam Dinnerware - 9" Plate

Unlaminated. A light weight and economical choice. Basix® line helps make items like salads and appetizers more profitable. Count on a secure feel with very little bending.

WipesPlus® Disinfecting Wipe - 75 ct.

Gentle water based formula safe for plastic, laminates, metals, plexiglass screens and rubber. Tough enough to kill tuberculosis, bacteria, viruses and staph. Lint free and highly absorbent for better cleaning. Independently lab certified to quickly disinfect.


Buckeye® Marauder™ H2O2 General Purpose Clner-Smart Sac

Powerful degreaser. Cleaning power boosted with hydrogen peroxide. Butyl-free formulation. Fragrance free. Concentrated. Non DOT corrosive. Can handle heavy dirt, grease and oil loads. No harsh or unpleasant fumes. An environmentally friendly, general purpose cleaner for use on floors, walls, restroom fixtures, and many other surfaces. Apply with a cloth, sponge, trigger spray bottle, pump-up sprayer, autoscrubber, foam gun or mop.

Buckeye® Terminator™ Cleaner/Disinfectant -Smart Sac

One-step disinfectant. A heavy-duty quaternary disinfectant, cleaner and deodorizer with a broad spectrum of kill claims including HIV-1 Virus, HBV, HCV, and MRSA. No-rinse formula is ideal for Smart Cart™ applications with a 2 oz. per gallon dilution for general cleaning, and an 8 oz. per gallon dilution for heavy cleaning.

Buckeye® Workout® Cleaner/Degreaser - Qt.

The muscle cleaner. Heavy-duty cleaner/degreaser. Ready-to-use. Contains patented Liquescent® Beta.

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